Things To Remember While You Are On Your First Date


Are you going for a date for the first time? According to a research most people encounter difficulties on their first date. Some are so nervous that they mess up everything, some couples couldn’t find a proper place to thoroughly enjoy their date and some ruin it with their style.

The most important thing that should be kept in mind is the way you dress on your first date. If you are going on a date for the first time, dress like a man. Dress in a manner that your lady understands that you are serious with her and want to take a step forward.

You should dress sharp on a first date. Reasons for dressing up sharp are listed below.

Physical Attraction Matters

To make it simple, women are more attracted towards physically attractive and healthy men. They consider their man to be the prince as you must have heard in stories. A funky look on your first date won’t work well. No matter how funky you are, but you should not dress the funk while you are dating a girl for the first time. Clothing covers 90% of your body and if worn correctly it can help you look better by strengthening your positive feature and minimizing your less than attractive ones.

It Shows Respect

You don’t know whether the woman you`ll be meeting will like your personality. However, you can make a decision to take the time to look your best. Dress up sharp even if you don’t want to carry your relation forward as a respect for each other. She will also be spending a lot of time to make sure she looks presentable and dressed for fun time.

Indicates you Have Social Skills, and Makes Socializing Easier

Women not only look the way men interact with them, but interaction with others also matters. It`s actually not difficult for women to realize how a man reacts with others. You must have heard the saying `first impression is the last impression`. Let’s suppose your first date is at a restaurant and you talk to the servant rudely, it will be enough for her to not to see your face again or when you meet her friends or family. So dressing up sharp will make you more sensible while talking to others. Your appearance can play a larger role than normal. By looking sharp and simply smiling and nodding politely, you`ll be amazed at how most people will form a positive impression.

Dressing Sharp Puts you in the Right State Of Mind

Clothes play a very important role in keeping the right state of mind. When you wear a uniform whether it is for sport or work, the clothing helps you focus on the task at hand. Similarly if you dress sharp and well on a date, you will be in the right state of mind. From taking shower to grooming, make sure everything is neat and clean and in good order. Dressing up nicely gives good vibes and this way you make yourself mentally prepare for the date. Furthermore, wear clothes you are comfortable in. uncomfortable wear can ruin your date and you won’t be able to present yourself the way you thought.

It Brings your Face Into Focus

Wearing the right clothing keeps your date`s attention to your face. Wearing too much fancy items and clothes will grab your date`s attention. Try to wear simple things that look classy, like a well-proportioned picture frame, it shouldn’t over power or detract from its purpose of placing you in the best light. Your dressing can actually decide your future.

The Right Clothing Can Exaggerate Healthy Masculine Traits

Clothing like sports jackets can exaggerate your masculine features. Your masculine features can attract the lady as most women want their guy to look a little heavy. Wear clothes that display your muscles such as square lines in the face, broad shoulders, muscular chest and smaller stomach than upper torso. Similarly men are attracted by the hip movement of woman while they are walking.

To make your first date special, you should know the right things that can actually make your day. Girls notice each and every thing about men, their talking style, walking style, their behavior with others. After considering all the factors, they decide what to be done next. You should follow the tips above to grasp the attention and make it worthy.

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