Want To Look Taller And Slimmer? Try Bang-On Tricks to Look FAB!


Doing Work out at the gym, hanging to stretch your body and running to get the belly in shape, all this can take time and money. But, if you want to know something that can help you faster and requires less investment,it can be done smartly. Just you dress-up and keep your posture in a way that will make you look slimmer and taller. You might be wondering how to do so, stay relax and don’t worry, as we are here to let you experience it.

Unveil the tips listed below, they will let you look ramp-walk-ready within minutes!

Straighten Up!

First thing you should do to get tall is straighten your spine. Your spine pulls in your gut and broadens your shoulders and tightens your butts. The instant methods that will make you look taller and slimmer. It will make you look like you have lost 10 lbs. the more you practice it, the better impact it will have on your personality. Make a habit of keeping your back straight, it will not just benefit you now but you will have future benefits too. You can become a hunchback if you don’t straighten your back, ruining your personality.

Turtle Neck

Your neck is like a spring that can be stretched and compressed. Stretching could help you lose a double or sagging chin and add inches to your straightened posture. You should keep your neck similar to that of turtle which will make you look taller. It can even help you with your face cuts. If you have a round face, continue practicing it as it will emphasize the jaw line and make your face look more angular and leaner.

The Mane Event

Hairs are an important feature of a human body. They can do wonders for one’s appearance.  There are so many hair styles available, but not all styles work with any face cuts. However there are styles that can actually improvise your looks, without considering your face cuts. Bangs is a common hair style followed by many women these days, adding bangs to your haircut conceals more of your face. Similarly there are few more things that you could do to make you look taller. Avoid tucking your hair behind your ears to make your face look leaner and longer. Short people should keep their hairs short or medium length to weigh up the appearance.

Clever Clothing Choices

Dressing plays an important part when considering height and weight. You should select dresses that are perfect for your height and doesn’t portray your obesity. Don’t go for hipster jeans if you have no hips or flat butt. Mid-rise jeans are most flattering for most body types as they sit perfectly below the navel and above the first hip.no matter how amazing your outfit is, if it doesn’t fit right, you`re only drawing in negative attention. Too tight makes you look like an overstuffed sausage and too loose or long make you look shorter and sloppy.

Go Mono

Wearing light colors can make you look taller and leaner. Wearing an all-white, perfect fitting ensemble can be just as flattering as an all-black one. darker colors recede one`s appearance but if the fit is off, it’s of no use.

Vertical vs. Horizontal

Wearing stripe dress can make your day or ruin it. You should place them strategically like which body parts you have to emphasize on. Horizontal stripes add width while vertical stripes add length. You should be sensible enough to decide which dress to wear so that your body looks perfect. Horizontal stripes worn around the bust area are flattering if you have a flat chest. But are deadly if you wear them on the hip area if you are pear framed. You have to decide what dress to wear, select the dress that suits your figure. You can get the desire dress from allscoupon.com. There is a wide variety available plus discount coupons can be used to get the dress at the lowest cost possible.

Break all the restriction and be ready to stand out with your changed yet amazing look. Do share tips in the comment section below, which you follow to look hot as hell and help all the petites out there!

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